TOURS - Egypt

"siwa" desert-tour


Almost every restaurant and hotel can book a tour to the desert for you; both with a camel and jeep for half a day or for several days. Ask for different options because it seems that most of the time they don’t have enough people for every different kind of tour.   

  1. TIME: 05:45 - 12:00 and from 18:30 - 07:30 
  2. PRICE: 50 EP 
  3. PERSONS: 5x (excluding guide)


  • Licences (10 EP);
  • Transport (to and from the sights from "Siwa");
  • Guide (reasonable speaking English);
  • Breakfast (1x), Diner (1x).

content tour:


  • 05:45 departure from hostel with jeep;
  • To the beginning of the sand dunes (view sunrise);
  • Through dunes to the oasis and visit mud village "Ain Safi";
  • To "Abu Shuruf" where there is a (water) source;
  • To "Az-Zeitun" for the salt lake;
  • At 12:00 back in Siwa (arrange your own lunch).


  • 18: 30 a visit tot he Temple and oracle of "Amon";
  • Tot he bath of "Cleopatra" (you can make a little swim);
  • Dinner and sleep in the desert (on mats and sleeping bag);
  • Looking at sunrise in the morning.


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