Official name          : Republic of Guatemala

Capital                     : Guatemala-city

Currency                  : Quetzal (GTQ)

Language                : Spanish

Inhabitants              : 15.000.000

Visa required          : NO


The illustrious myths of the Indian “Maya” tribe, giant volcanoes, tropical rainforest and colorful towns are just a few of the highlights that Guatemala has to offer. This Latin American country south of Mexico has a variety of attractions and activities. Guatemala has an extremely varied landscape. In the center and north-west of the country there is a plateau with mountain- and volcanic tops up to above 4000 meters altitude. Here you will find the lake of “Atitlan” surrounded by volcanoes. The clear water, the small villages on the banks, coffee-plantations and possibilities for massages and yoga-classes in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Of course you can also make beautiful hikes in the mountains and hills in this part of Guatemala. “Panajachel” is the tourist center of this region, a visit to the market days in the nearby “Chichicastengo” can not be missed on your bucketlist. Several indigenous members come here to sell their goods on one of the largest traditional markets in Latin America. The southern coastal region and the west of Guatemala are relatively flat and are used extensively for the cultivation of sugarcane, fruit-cultivation and livestock farming. The capital of the country is Guatemala City, which is located in the department of Guatemala. Colonial highlight of the country is “Antigua” which was once the capital of the Spanish occupiers of the country. Beautiful old buildings in small alleys and a variety of brightly colored churches and monasteries. 


Many tourists make use of the opportunity to visit neighbour-country “Honduras” for a day. The very interesting archaeological site of Maya "Copan" is just across the border and is a highlight of your visit to this region. "Lago de Izabal", the large lake in northeastern Guatemala gives you a completely different picture of the country - palm trees, nature parks, waterways and the “Garifuna” Indian tribes. This is Caribbean Guatemala where you can visit an old anti-pirate castle and the wonderfully relaxed city "Livingstone". Finally, the famous magical ruins of Tikal are located in the Petén department; one of the largest Mayan Indians sites in Latin America amid high jungle giant-trees. The population of Guatemala can be called relaxed and extremely friendly and helpful despite the many problems that characterize the country. A whole zipper of former leaders is being charged with corruption and misdeeds against the mainly indigenous population. Major natural disasters such as droughts, hurricanes and eruptions of volcanoes aggravate the already complete feeling of malaise in the country. But the people stay here positive even they know better. 

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