TOUR - Mali



Best way to explore this area is to do a trekking with a local guide through the "Dogon" area where no motorized traffic is present. To get a good idea of the landscape, the inhabitants and the way of life, it is best to go a day or three at least. The best time of the year is between November to March.


  • Buy in advance "cola nuts" for the village elderly people; it is a way of showing respect and brings you closer to the Dogon people;
  • I went to the local information center in "Bandiagara" (Association Tamakadi) but nobody was here and when someone finally came, nobody could help me;
  • Always try to arrange a guide as close as possible to the site - there is more competition, people come from the neighborhood and you do not have to pay for transport to the area. In addition to the time you lose with arranging it for example in Mopti;
  • Talk with different guides; this way you can “play” with the price and it suppose to increase the quality of the trip;
  • Make a contract (sign it and add telephone numbers);
  • Pay part before you leave and the rest when you are back;
  • Stand your ground (to a certain extent) for which you have paid for and what you have put in your contract; Guides and especially their employers sometimes take advantage of “weaker” tourists;
  • Always say that if they give a good/decent tour you can serve as a reference for other tourist so they will/can book at the same company;
  • Always try to get a real Dogon as a guide - first, he knows the region, the people and speaks the language. In addition, the money will flow back into the community.

Tour costs 3 days, 2 nights in Dogon country

Price: 24,000 CFA a day = 24,000 x 3 = 72,000 CFA (2012).



  • Transport - 22 km from Bandiagara to Dourou;
  • One English speaking guide for three days;
  • Food and drinks for 3 days for you and the guide (and not every day the same); this is often spaghetti, macaroni or rice;
  • Taxes for each village etc;
  • Accomodation for me and my guide;
  • One drink for the guide daily (soda or alcohol);
  • Transport - 45 km back from Sanga to Bandiagara.


Day 1: TIRELLI: Campement "Femme Dogon"

Day 2: BANANI: Camepment "El Camaleon".

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