Official name          : Republic of Slovenia

Capital                     : Ljubljana

Currency                 : Euro (EUR)

Language                : Slovene

Inhabitants              : 2.000.000

Visa required          : NO


Slovenia has different names and also nicknames such as "Europe on the loose", "the sunny side of the Alps", "the greenest country on the continent" and in fact they all have a core of truth. The country is small, has always been oppressed by other countries (and other tribes and/or people) but has a very diverse range of everything that Europe has to offer. Slovenia, which has the form of a "chicken" has everything what you can think of; Adriatic coastline with beach and blue sea, Alpine peaks, historic centers, wild azure rivers, forests, (wild) animals, a very impressive history with historic sites, spa’s, a diverse flora, very friendly people and a well-balanced kitchen. You can easily travel around for a month and you will not get bored by the diversity. After years of being part of the "Yugoslav Republic", Slovenia became the first country in 1991 to be independent, followed by a brief (civil) war with the government in Belgrade. The most prosperous (but still to deal with corrupt government leaders) country is now a member of the EU and carries the euro. Still kinda unknown but oh so beautiful, safe and worthwile and not so far away as you think. 

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