Pantanal National Park

TOURS - Brazil


Organization  : "Ecological Expeditions"


Time span     : 3 days and 2 nights 

Price              : 320 Real (via hostel) 

Overnight      : In Paso do Lontra (in park) you will sleep in a dormitory

content tour:

DAY 1: 

  • Departe at 1300 (boy from hostel brings us to bus station); 
  • We take the bus to Buraco de Piranhas and wait for the jeep; 
  • The Jeep takes us to the shelter; 
  • Time for a private walk; 
  • Diner at1900. 


DAY 2:

  • Early departure with the jeep; 
  • At bridge 18 (after having stopped several times for animal watching) - walking in the water through real delta area; 
  • Lunch at hostel; 
  • Boat trip – departure from the hostel; 
  • Evening excursion on the truck. 

DAY 3: 

  • Adjuster from yesterday – an extra walk through jungle; 
  • Boat trip - fishing for piranhas; 
  • Lunch (made of the caught fish); 
  • 1400 picked up by jeep - brought to bus stop in Buraco. 

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